Serving Christ, Church, and Community

LFCF Leader's Luncheon 2018

60 Thought Leaders from Chicagoland
Connect, Communicate, Collaborate
Dr. Michael J. Love -CEO LFCF
Phil Miglioratti - Mission America
Dr. Gene Crume - President, Judson U
Tony Danhelka - President Emeritus -
Fox Valley Christian Action
Dr. Fuder - Pray Chicago
Notes: (GC+GC) X GC=GC
Phil Miglioratti
The Great Commandment added to
....the Great Commission multiplied by Great Collaborations leads to Great Churches....

Phil Miglioratti
...that make Great Christian
Disciples who live pray-care-share lives that bless and build.....

Phil Miglioratti
...Great Communities
Phil Miglioratti
Unity Requires Humility (A)
a. Jesus prayed for us to experience "perfect unity."

b. John 17:23 - The Aramaic is "shrink into one." When we see Jesus in one another, our vaulted opinions of ourselves will shrink. Phil Miglioratti
Unity Requires Humility (B)
c. Romans 12:3 God has given me grace to speak a warning about pride. I would ask each of you to be emptied of self-promotion and not create a false image of your importance instead, honestly, assess your worth by using your God-given faith as the standard of measurement, and then you will see your true value with an appropriate self-esteem. Phil Miglioratti
Unity Presupposes Diversity
a. All-the-same is similarity/homogeneity, but NOT Unity.
Unity Has Variety (A)
a. Collaboration has become trendy...but few actually understand what it requires.
b. Coordinate + together; order (class) (Share Schedules) Phil Miglioratti
Unity Has Variety (B)
c. Cooperate = Together; work (Operations) (Share Resources)

d. Collaborate= Together; work (Actions) (Shared Mission) Phil Miglioratti
Unity Needs Persistency
a. Working together isn't easy. Expect set-backs. Do not give up. Phil Miglioratti
5 Key Questions for Sustainable,
Mutually beneficial, God-Honoring Collaboration

Dr. Gene Crume
Key Question #1
How does this collaboration honor God and serve God's kingdom in our community? Dr. Gene Crume
Key Question #2
Are we a partner or a responsible party?

Dr. Gene Crume
Key Question #3
Is this collaboration directly connected to our mission as a church (ministry)?
Dr. Gene Crume
Key Question #4
What will it take to sustain this collaboration for it to have a meaningful impact in our community? Think 10 years from now what will this look like. Dr.Gene Crume
Key Question #5
Am I being honest regarding my energy as well as the energy of our ministry to be a full partner in this collaboration?

Dr. Gene Crume
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