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Hi, My Name is Evan Alexander Clopton and my Business Creation is Gourmet Brownies. My Brownies are made from all natural ingredients.  I've created a menu with diverse flavors that will make your mouth water. Imagine the taste. Envision the experience. Wow!  

My menu includes:

Double Chocolate Brownies

Original Brownies

Pecan Brownies

Salt-Caramel Brownies 

You can buy my special Brownies by the dozens. One Dozen will cost you only $20.00. Baked Fresh! Rapid Delivery!

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Download Zelle or Cash App. Key in Amount.  Send Request to

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A Special Note from the Love Family Christian Foundation



This student participated in the Game Changers Academy for Leadership/ Entrepreneurship and CEO development purposes only. LFCF hosted, underwrote, and provided training for the brilliant leaders. However, LFCF Game Changers does not profit from any new ventures, nonprofits, or CEO/ Leadership Development. All funding for the participant's projects, products, or services goes directly to the Game Changer's participants. LFCF is not responsible for any cash transactions between the participant and others supporting this venture. For more information on S.T.E.G , direct all inquiries to the participant @

Dr. Karen C. Love - Game Changers Academy

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