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, Owner & CEO  


     My name is Destiny.  I am a scientist in the making. I love formulations, mixing, adding, testing, researching; all to find solutions to increase quality of life for all mankind. I am the expert on all things Slime. I love Slime. I love making it. I love creating different patterns, adding smells, formulating special slime for therapeutic needs and crazy designs for sensory needs.


      Check out my videos below and;

  • Learn about my Slimeology Business Model 

  • The Creation of Slime.  

     If you'd like more information on how to purchase my product, email  The cost of the product is $9.00 for a 5 oz. jar of slime.  If you' like to purchase my fabulous product, you can pay via Zelle.  The Email contact is   

Thank you!          


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Check Out My Business Model

How About.......

A Slime Creation?

Let's take a closer look at the wonderful benefits of SLIME

Thank you for stopping by! For more information about my wonderful product, email

 Happy Sliming!

A Special Note from the Love Family Christian Foundation (LFCF)
This student participated in the Game Changers Academy for Leadership/ Entrepreneurship and CEO development purposes only. LFCF hosted, underwrote, and provided training for the brilliant leaders. However, LFCF Game Changers does not profit from any new ventures, nonprofits, or CEO/ Leadership Development. All funding for the participant's projects, products, or services goes directly to the Game Changer's participants. LFCF is not responsible for any cash transactions between the participant and others supporting this venture. For more information on Destiny's Slimeology, direct all inquiries to the participant @
Dr. Karen C. Love - Game Changers Academy
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