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Congratulations to The Youth Entrepreneurs Academy

Top Contestants in the 2018 Shark Tank Competition

One of the most rewarding events in my life is to have an opportunity to LFCF sponsor and  mentor these brilliant junior high students in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy. These young innovators are strong, disciplined, and determined to make the world a better place. Junior High Students...can you believe it? They live the mantra "start (Junior High) as a CEO, graduate (High School) as a CEO." It is good to be a part of a community of forward thinking scholars and entrepreneurs. Great work Palatine Chamber of Commerce and District 15. Imagine how perspectives could change when the voices of the Youth are empowered? To create, innovate, and execute with precision and excellence. I am so very proud!


Top 3 Winners for the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, #1 Carbon Celestial, #2 Easy Rub, and #3 Comfy Travel Pillow. I broke into tears of joy for my students/entrepreneurs. I am so proud of them. They all overcame many obstacles. They did not backdown when things got tough. Believe me....things got tough. I love teaching them and having the chance to impact their lives. Thank you to my partners in the program.   Jodie Suson - YEA Leadership Instructor - Palatine Chamber of Commerce

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